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Ryan Daudistel
CEO and Engineer – IRATA, ETCP, SPRAT 
Ryan started his career as a touring production rigger. Challenged by his intellect to go further and higher than his peers, Ryan pursued a civil engineering degree from Seattle University. After graduation, Ryan proceeded to become Seattle’s go-to expert in performer flying, and a decade ago he widened his scope to rope access techniques to reach those hard to get to rigging tasks. As Washington State’s only level 3 IRATA rope access expert, Ryan is an irreplaceable resource for On Sight’s ability to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Andy Venegas
Production Rigger – IRATA, ETCP, SPRAT
Andy has been working backstage his entire life. With a degree from the University of Washington in Technical theatre, Andy knows exactly what prioritize during access jobs. He has worked as a tour manager for well-known bands like Jane’s Addiction, and has toured with Cirque du Soleil. His work in theatre has kept venues such as the Moore Theater in Seattle in functioning capacity during the most challenging of times. Andy can be seen at the top of the tower, making sure all of our equipment is in perfect order and what we need is in place and ready to go.

John Murphy
By day John is known as one of the acrobats of Seattle’s largest contemporary circus company, The Cabiri. By night Ryan has grabbed John for his lesser known skills as a chemist. John studied chemistry at Western Washington University before returning to the arts. John offers a unique aesthetic mixing chemistry and art to provide expertise where there may be gaps. When you need a specialist at an impossible reach location, we have the person to send. 

Matt Sage
Climber – IRATA, SPRAT
Matt is a veteran tradesman in so many different fields. He has worked offshore on drill rigs and in high schools teaching students the fundamentals of theatre. Matt is the fireplug that we set on the tower to make sure there is stability to all the chaos that can get in the way of an access job. Matt walked through 5 miles of waist-deep water to attend his IRATA certification class, so there’s nothing that can slow this man down.

Billy Silva
Climber – IRATA, SPRAT
Billy met Ryan on the side of a cliff. As a fellow avid rock climber, Billy is the point man in reaching hard-to-get-to spaces on towers and architecture. Billy has traveled the world working in various capacities.