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Rope-access Services

Difficult access, made easy.  Providing comprehensive rope access services and solutions for a wide variety of difficult and complex access situations.  From work at height on vertical structures and open air spaces, we have the rope access solutions to fit your varying needs.  

Our technicians are highly skilled, IRATA certified, and adhere to IRATA safety protocols.  With the ability to survey, inspect, install, paint, clean, maintain, and repair in difficult to reach areas.  Our team can get your job done quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

Rope Access is an efficient method of working at height that is more cost-effective, safer, and less-invasive than swing stage, scaffold, or elevated work platforms.

Our rope access specialists are highly trained and provide various services, safety is always the number one concern.  Creating a safer working environment for other workers in the same difficult surroundings.

Project Management Maintenance, Repair & Cleaning

  • Level III IRATA site safety supervision -Highrise Pressure & Window Washing
  • Equipment Supply -Caulking, Painting, & Cleaning
  • Access System Installation and Management -Rigging, Industrial and Commercial
  • Theatrical rigging/flying effects
  • Work, Health, and Safety Documentation -Lighting & Electronics Installation

Painting, Coatings, Cleaning

When done in immediately accessible locations, painting, coating, and cleaning can be done quickly and inexpensively.  However, once that work is required to be done at height or in large industrial settings, it can become time-consuming, expensive, and difficult.  Structures that are hard to access such as cranes, water towers, smokestacks, tanks and silos are not typically designed with regular maintenance in mind.

Companies today typically use scaffolding, elevated work platforms, man baskets and swing stages to perform these menial tasks.  These access methods are extremely costly, cause long and expensive shut downs, and require expensive specialized equipment.  

Rope Access provides a cost-effective alternative, flexible solution to maintain these large structures and hard to reach locations.  Utilizing rope access systems, which are easily and efficiently assembled and disassembled, can greatly minimize the cost, duration and impact on the jobsite for the project.  Technicians are trained to rappel or climb to these areas safely in order to perform any of these tasks.  


  • Removal (Sand blasting, Water Jetting, Pressure Washing) -Touch ups
  • Applications (Painting, Brush and Roller, Spraying) -Industrial Coatings
  • Inspections